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PACS Information



  • When the web page appears click 'Apply for account', agree to the confidentiality agreement and fill in the account application.
  • Once your account has been approved (usually within a day), to download the PACS programme, repeat the process and click on the same link that takes you to the web browser.
  • Enter the TRG web browser using your new account log on and password (sometimes you need to enter this twice).
  • Click on ‘Installers’ on the bottom left panel, then go to ‘Inteleviewer tracks’.
  • From here you can download the stable version that is most suitable for your computer.
  • To get access to our server, when you first activate the Inteleviewer icon on the desktop, go to ‘edit bookmarks’, click ‘add’, and enter as the server URL.
  • Protect the bookmark, and add ‘TRG Imaging’ as the custom server name. 

We require each person accessing the Inteleviewer to have their own account. This is for auditing purposes should we have any issues with patient confidentiality.

If you already have Inteleviewer installed on your PC, then you just need to add the web bookmark –




For any infomation regarding PACS, please contact the PACS team:


DDI: 09 926 7663




Contact Person:  Gaeline Moselen / Nora Parry

DDI:  09 437 7542 or 09 437 0540

Mobile:  027 529 9185

Email: /



Contact Person:  Nikki Hasler

DDI:  09 486 0497

Mobile:  021 235 0518



Rotorua / Taupo

Contact Person:  Andrew Griffiths

DDI:  07 348 8139

Mobile:  021 167 9275



Hawkes Bay / Gisborne

Contact Person:  Leanne Marshall

DDI:  06 845 3309 (Monday to Thursday)

Mobile:  027 296 7272




Searching for patients

The best way to search for studies on PACS is via the patient’s NHI which can be added into the Patient ID field. As not all patients who have examinations with TRGG have an NHI it is also possible to search via patient name. When searching via patient name it is important to remember to use the correct format.

The correct format: Surname, first name ( including comma and space)

pacs info1


Finding Reports

PACS is the quickest way to access reports as they are available as soon as the radiologist has authorised the report.

Reports can be accessed in a number of ways:

pacs info3pacs info4


Using the mouse to manipulate the image

The Inteleviewer assigns buttons to your mouse that work well together. What tools are assigned can be seen in the very bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Move the mouse forwards and backwards and side to side while holding the relevant mouse button.

The middle mouse button can be activated by pressing down on the mouse wheel.

pacs info2


Remember it is not possible for users to damage or change the image in any permanent way!


ClearView August 2016

  • Tridimensional Sonographic
    Assessment of the Female Pelvic Floor
  • New flagship opening at 209
  • New 3T MRI in Milford
  • Meet our new Radiologists

Click here to download



151015 Clearview October15 Proof7 web image2ClearView July 2016:

  • Multiparametric MRI of the Prostate Gland
  • Clinical Cases
  • Sinusitis
  • sending us a request online

Click here to download


Screen Shot 2015 07 24 at 8.55.20 amClearView July 2015:

  • Greetings from the team at TRG
  • Lastest Developments
  • CT Colonography
  • Computerised Tomography Colonography
  • Our commitment to minimising clinical skill shortages in NZ

Click here to download


 Clearview 0215 coverInside Issue 04 February 2015:

  • TRG's new identity
  • What does the future look like?
  • What our patients are telling us
  • Meet the new members to our team

Click here to download



Screen Shot 2014 09 24 at 12.48.03 pm2Inside Issue 02 September 2013:

  • CT Colonography
  • Hearing loss and acoustic neuroma
  • Bathing Beauty Gets a CT Scan

Click here to download

June13Inside Issue 01 June 2013:

  • Radiologic Guided Cortisone Injections
  • Renal Colic
  • New Timber Drying Technology

Click here to download

March11Inside Issue 08 March 2011:

  • 13,000th patient receives TRG services
  • PACS – Coming to a smart phone near you
  • Industry-leading services from an expert team

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August09Inside Issue 07 August 2009:

  • MRI: A Routine Investigation
  • Head and Neck Imaging
  • Spinal Imaging

Click here to download

March09Inside Issue 06 March 2009:

  • PAC's 2009
  • Meet the Teams

Click here to download

August07Inside Issue 05 August 2007:

  • Gynaecology
  • Obstetrics and Abdominal Imaging
  • Breast MRI, Cardiac Imaging and Peripheral Vascular Imaging

Click here to download

May07Inside Issue 03 May 2007:

  • Dr Tony Lawson
  • Mammography
  • Annual screening for women over 40

Click here to download

Nov06Inside Issue 02 November 2006:

  • Investigating Accute Appendicitis
  • Management of the Accute Abdomen
  • Applications of unenhanced Helical CT

Click here to download

Aug06Inside Issue 01 August 2006:

  • Ultrasound Guided Intervention
  • Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
  • New Website - Coming Soon!

Click here to download

This MRI e-referral guide shows you how to order an MRI for an ACC inquiry. The use of this form requires you to be accredited through the ProCare MRI accreditation program and to remain accredited by attending a yearly refresher.

All ACC MRI e-referrals must be submitted through the MRI e-referral portal - hard copies are not accepted.

For ProCare MRI accreditation and help desk please phone 09 374 6759 option 1

ACC MRI E-Referral User Guide