Is the future of Radiology going to the dogs?

Is the future of Radiology going to the dogs?

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TRG Imaging has successfully launched a trial at its West Auckland clinic with the support of St John SPCA Outreach Therapy Pets. Polly and Kiri greeted and mingled with patients in the reception waiting area, helping reduce anxiety levels that patients often experience prior to a medical procedure.

TRG Imaging patient Michelle Huizinga, said ‘It was a nice surprise and it was a great conversation starter with other patients… obviously the dogs don’t talk back. Polly and Kiri were a comforting distraction to what can be a stressful time.’

Studies of animal-assisted therapy have shown to promote emotional wellbeing and as an added therapy for children suffering from a variety of illnesses. Contact with gentle animals provides comfort and helps people to be happier. Interacting with a dog can help:
· lessen your anxiety and distress
· reduce the need for pain medication
· support you emotionally
· make you feel more comfortable communicating with your healthcare team

In 2011 a study was carried out in the USA where 28 patients interacted with a therapy dog for 15 minutes about half an hour before they had an MRI, whilst six other patients had no intervention before their MRI. The results showed that an interaction with a therapy dog could be used in place of drug therapy to reduce patient anxiety.

As TRG Imaging continues to push the boundaries of delivering the best possible patient experience, a roll out of this offering is planned for all its clinics in Northland, Auckland, Rotorua, Taupo, Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay.


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